Contemporary Narratives: Screens, Media and Documents

What stories do we tell ourselves? What role narratives occupy in the contemporary space? The multiplication of platforms transforms our writing and reading modes. Stories are no longer limited to a single medium, they branch out, exploiting the book, as well as the computer screen and the tablet; the boundaries of fiction become porous; authors become their own subject, their own project, taking charge of their own marketing. Literary practices are changing and with them the conventions at the heart of storytelling. In such a context, it is appropriate to explore aspects defining contemporary narratives: the urban character of literary practices, for instance, or the relationship between digital processes and storytelling. The current forms of production, publication and archiving or conservation of texts must also be investigated; as well as, in a more abstract way, the processes by which documents, screens and media are used in a literary context.

The April 28th and 29th symposium, Contemporary Narratives: Screens, Media and Documents, is co-organized by the Leverhulme International Network for Contemporary Studies (LINCS) and the Canada Research Chair on Digital Arts and Literatures (ALN | NT2).

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