Mashtalir, Taras

Saint-Petersbourg, Russie et NYC, USA

Taras Mashtalir™ is a composer and sound designer, a classical musician turned electronic music producer. His compositions are unique blend of different genres morphed together and wrapped into a new aesthetic fabric of electronic ambience.


After receiving MA in Linguistics & Cross-cultural communication from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Taras spent some time recording/performing in St. Petersburg and Moscow before moving to New York.

For the past 20 years Taras achieved outstanding results and his work is acknowledged in the industry. He produced numbers of albums, collaborating with various artists such as: Patrick Leonard, legendary composer and producer. Ernie Lake, producer and remixer, Grammy award winner for remixes. Lou Christie is an American singer-songwriter best known for pop hits in the 1960s.

The works of ™ also include multimedia installations, soundtracks for the films and animations, as well as music for TV ads and programs like Discovery Science Channel, History Channel, Speed Channel, TNT, FOX Sports, CBS etc.Taras is currently involved in several projects exploring new dimensions of digital publishing.